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Drucke von Konrad (Kone) Neubrand

Sandra Buchmann - Airbrush

Lebt und arbeit seit 1998 in Ulm. Seit 2010 konnte sie ihre künstlerische Seite in einem zweijährigen Fachlehrgang zur Airbrushdesignerin, an der Akademie für Gestaltung, von der Handwerkskammer, Ulm ausleben. Diesen hat sie Ende 2011 erfolgreich beendet.

Hauptberuflich arbeitet ich als Jugend-Heimerzieherin im Zentrum >guterhirte<, Ulm. Nebenberuflich tobe ich mich in meinem Atelier in Ulm aus, wo ich,  unter Anderem Wandmalerei, Face-und Bodypainting, Ojektdesign sowie Portraits in der Airbrushtechnik anbiete.


Andreas Dukek-Haferkorn - Evercubes

the work of Andreas Dukek

Andreas Dukek with his multi dimensional sculptures wittily lampoons The state of our world and the social situations and its culture. The sculptures can be understood on many levels. 

That is to say his constructive works which are beautiful can be perceived as a social citicism by people who are familiar and not familiar with different cultures for example, the open part of his cubical constructive cubes can be positioned on different angles that suggest that they are not trapped in a political and cultural boundaries but suggest they have a readiness to interact on a global situation. 

These constructive works are not perhaps that one might see from the principle of the bauhaus or works done by artists in the high school of design in Ulm in the 50’s Josef Albers, Maldonado, etc. but because they have a twist that relies on the originality of the expression of this young artist.  

His painterly works are combined with an individual imagery where the color blends with it and turn transcends the cultural boundaries in this beautiful and complex exhibit. As a young artist, he has a style in wich the art world is open for his inovative and diversified works yet and now.

Frederick William Ayer

Artist in Residence                         www.andreas-dukek.de

University in Ulm

20. April 2007

Thank You dear Friend R.I.P